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Those who once said never separated have long been scattered around the world.


I hope you can remember me when I leave. Do not ask whether the world of change will remain unchanged tomorrow.


Goodbye, two words, and how many parting began. Gather together, a word, stranded how many times later.


Old wine is best to drink, old friends are best to know, the longer friends know, the more worthy of cherishing, just because they share too many memories.


My life melts into you, and your life contains me; when we meet again, you and I are still a whole.


The farther away you are, the nearer your thoughts are. That's the only reason for looking back forever.


Think of our deskmate. After the college entrance examination, we went our separate ways. Classmate, future is precious!


When you come, my expectation is far away; when you leave, you are my dream.


Leaving the shadow of the meeting, taking the budding Acacia herb, only the green post road carries the thoughts of parting.


Can there be no painful moments of separation? For the sake of our career, we let the tears of separation float freely.


The time we spend in love grows wings, and when we leave, they become our spiritual pillars.


Tomorrow morning farewell, I hope the clouds, the sun has been accompanying you to the distant horizon; flowers, green grass with you to spread a far-reaching future!


From behind, we will meet each other. A few dreams with God. It's a dream to see each other in a silver bowl tonight.


The sea of life has been spreading the Golden Road, and the waves are being lined with flowers on the sides. Go on bravely, friend! Forward.


I quietly picked the golden cinnamon twigs in the full moon, weave a good dream of missing, and send it to you from afar.


Lu Yao, the heart is long, the wound parting, he sighs; the wind is small, the night is long, looks forward to the gentleman, does not sleep.


The gathering is always short, but the difference is long. May our hearts be closely followed and never separated.


That flower season, I send you to leave, the path quietly stretches forward, occasionally also has the sun rain to float.


Still brilliant, passion still burning, because of dreams, so we exist, you do not hesitate in your field.


There is always melancholy in the way of life. There are always friends in the ends of the earth. Seize the opportunity, cherish the fate, and wish our friendship forever.


We laugh and say goodbye, but we know that goodbye is not in sight.


I dare not look back, I dare not say goodbye to you, because perhaps with these actions I can not control myself!


In these years, people are coming and going, and we are standing on the way.


Parting is a bit difficult, but not sad. It is a little regrettable, but not pessimistic. Because our hope of meeting is comforting.


Liu Yinxia do not all kinds of melancholy, classmates for several years young love, looking forward to the journey of thousands of thoughts, friendship into the force of forging ahead!


There is no need to be sad on the road of life. There are always bosom friends around the world. Take the opportunity to cherish good luck and wish our friendship evergreen.


The wind of the four seasons blows the wind bells of the years and plays the song of farewell wishes for you. May you always be full of vitality in your own flower season.


If we can go back to yesterday, I will try to stop and laugh and bless you!


My dearest friend, your happiness I will double for you, you have pains I will share, I wish you happiness!


Originally, parting is a very simple thing, gently turn around, gently wave.


I used to think innocently that I could forget you if I left you. Later, I found that leaving is just a new beginning.


The tears of parting add new spray to the long river of memory, and the blessings of parting open the prelude to reunion again.


Gathering is not the beginning, scattering is not the end, students for several years achieved countless wonderful memories, will always be engraved in my heart.


As long as we do not say goodbye, we will never be separated.


Your exhortation, in my mind, is a profound sound, with a faint fragrance of orchid.


You go, in that long time, my heart is like an autumn tree, leaves helplessly drifting on the ground, only hanging lonely on the branches.


Though thousands of mountains and rivers are far away, I can still see your mirror-like heart and feel your tenderness.


Although the bridge has not engraved your name, but left your footprints of hard work, I wish you a smooth career in the future.


The moment you turn around, my depressed life. If you don't give up, you will only have time to stay.


Separation is not a permanent departure. Separation is only a starting point for pursuit.