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Happy life, healthy growth, today's peach and fragrance, tomorrow's pillars of the motherland.


We should not avoid narrow roads, widen narrow roads, and constantly create new realms of life. This is the way of our life.


No matter how long the future, please cherish every moment together; no matter how many spring and autumn, we are forever friends.


We are about to graduate. I will wish you every success in your studies.


Let us cast our ships with common belief and plow the snow-white waves to the sea of life.


Ah, may you go on the waves of time and sail to the other side of success!


Walk with you and remember the common ideals we had; break up with you and look forward to the revelry of our reunion.


Let us abandon the illusion of happiness and put our hopes on the persistent pursuit of our cause.


Today, we are close classmates; tomorrow, we will be rivals for competition. May friendship be more profound in competition.


Our goal is not to enjoy, nor to suffer, but to make every day a step further than yesterday.


Even if we will only have a brief encounter and a brief understanding, we will be eternally.


With memory, with fantasy, towards life, go to all directions of the motherland.


How many mornings, and strive to cast a few small morning stars, let us break up with silence? May the years gone by.


When twilight is a twilight, time will flow, and success will start as a result.


You have the wisdom of a spring and a pair of hard-working hands, no matter where you are, luck and happiness always accompany you!


Hope is the crutch of toughness, patience is the travel bag, take them, you can embark on the eternal journey, all over the world.


On the young road, you and me, let's go hand in hand on this long road together.


We had to part and say goodbye softly, thanking you for giving me a deep friendship.


The wind, the rain, the sound of study, the sound of the ear; the absence, absence, and job search.


The past schoolmate life is a string of sugar gourd, the charming sweet and sour, will never end the aftertaste!


If you want to go sailing, you can't be afraid of the sea. If you want to climb mountains, you can't be afraid of mountain heights. If you want to learn, you must not be afraid of hard work.


The beautiful ideals of the rosy clouds are calling to you. You are a drop of water, will be active in the sea of the motherland!


Society is a book, let us study hard, pay attention to its meaning, and continue to write its new chapter.


Life is a profound book, other people's annotations can not replace their own understanding, I hope you find something, create something.


May you sail in the boat of faith and plough out the snow-white waves to the sea of hope.


Love, do not rely on, thousands of words into silence, you can not forget me, I can not forget you, meet will have a period.


Don't say goodbye, just because the heart's eternal expectation and eternal remembrance.


There are five colored soil on the ground, five colored beaches on the beach, and a staff in the movement, and there are colorful roads in life.


You are the bud of the flower season, you are the eagle of the wings, tomorrow is your world, everything is brilliant because of you.


May you create extraordinary achievements in ordinary positions until you achieve lofty ideals.


May you be like a seed, bravely breaking through the sand and spreading the green buds out of the ground to the sky.


You are a group of eagles about to fly, I believe you will fight hard, fly happily, happy life!


I hope you can remember me when you leave. Do not ask whether the world of change will remain unchanged tomorrow.


Between heaven and earth, true love and communion. Everything goes well, is our brother's wish.


You will always be the best in my heart.


Goodbye school, goodbye classroom, goodbye teacher, goodbye schoolmate, goodbye my secret love girl.


May you use this golden key to open the door of doubt and break into the palace of creation.


You cherish today, and embrace the future with a hundred times of enthusiasm. No, the future will belong to you!


May my parting advice be an umbrella that can cover the scorching sun and wind and rain for you.


For several years, I have established a profound friendship with you. May the communication between you and my heart be forever.


We used to be two young seeds, now grow up don't go to the west, I wish you happy every day in the future.


Do not let the boat of pursuit anchor in the harbor of fantasy, but should raise the sail of struggle to the sea of real life.


Every corner of our alma mater treasures our friendship and permeates our fantasies.


I wait for you in the corner of life. Let me ask you like yesterday. Would you like to go with me?


The temporary separation is for the sake of eternal reunion, let us look forward to that eternal joy.


There is always melancholy in the way of life. There are always friends in the ends of the earth. Seize the opportunity, cherish the fate, and wish our friendship forever.


Graduation, please again a youth song, with you, I will continue to advance in the journey of tomorrow.


The birds chirp at the branches, much like the whispers of our old days, and the string of giggles.


The path of self walking is the most valuable asset of self. Only by remembering these roads can we take a good road.


Bloom the most gorgeous smile, give tomorrow a more beautiful dream.