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We want to thank our teachers for teaching us the philosophy of being human and not losing ourselves in the complex and treacherous society.


Teachers'personal example is the most useful sunshine for young people's soul, which can not be replaced by anything.


You are ordinary, you are special, only ordinary and special accompany with you! Ordinary + special = happiness, happiness!


I feel very comforted to see my child making progress every day. The heart is full of gratitude, the children have you really happy!


If I can fly high, thank you for giving me powerful wings. In your eyes, I am like a spring breeze.


Teachers, today, in our wisdom radiance, still sparkles with the sparks you ignited.


When you were a student for six years, I understand that the sunshine illuminates life in this way, and the rain and dew moistens the seedlings in this way.


Teacher, my child is really too hard for you. Thank you.


Throughout my life, I have never forgotten my teachers and kindness. I am very touched. I will never go back. It is hard to buy true feelings for thousands of gold. Everyone wishes the gardener!


On the vast sea, you are my beacon. Thank you, teacher, for giving me the impetus and courage to move forward. I wish you good health.


I hope all the teachers will smile from their hearts today, for all the world! As long as the teacher is happy.


Red candle upgrades the lamp, illuminates others, improves oneself; Spring sericification books, philosophical sayings, enlightens descendants.


Our story is destined to become an eternal memory, you and I are no longer childhood, no longer wayward, life on the road, good teachers and friends.


Teacher, although parting for a long time, your image seems to be a brilliant bright spot, has been flashing in my heart.


Life wears away with chalk and produces the fragrance of peaches and plums on the earth; virtue and knowledge flourish side by side, in exchange for the fragrance of Chinese calligraphy.


We grow from trees to trees, but we are always your students. In your first year of life, I wish you the everlasting tree of life.


Baduo Bachelor, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bache


The message is full of my blessings, flying to you through time and space, gently greeting you: Happy Teachers'Day!


Teacher, the sparkling light of our wisdom is always sparkling with your own sparks.


In words and deeds, teachers teach us the truth. In work, teachers teach us the knowledge. In life, teachers'kindness will always be remembered.


Tang Zhengzheng has been a teacher all his life, devoted himself to education conscientiously, raised his head in innocence and lived a safe and happy life.


Your hard work is our children's motivation, our children's success is your pride, but our children will be proud of you!


Red candle has no mentor and love red. Thousands of holiday messages, bless the teacher's heart.


Life has a long way to go. Teachers and kindness will never forget. Teach me culture, help me break through the storm, bless me on festivals. May teachers live a long and healthy life.


Teachers are gardeners who cultivate flowers. Teachers care like mothers. Teachers shine like candles. Teachers like spring silkworms have no complaints and no regrets.


A chalk, a three-foot platform, gardeners create a thousand-fold rhyme; September sunshine, 10-day feast, peach and plum hold up a day.


Mentor is a parent, respectable and respectful. I wish my beloved teacher a happy holiday! A lifetime of health!


Teachers are the kindling of fire, igniting the fire of the students'hearts; teachers are stone-level, bearing the students step by step down to climb up.


To disseminate knowledge is to sow hope and sow happiness. Teacher, you are the seeder of hope and happiness.


The candlelight reflects your love and the silk presents your true feelings. Peach and plum remember your grace.


A spring silkworm may not stop spinning silk until death, a candle's tears dry only when it's burned down to ashes. Teacher, you work hard! Thank you for your child's cultivation and care.


You teach your students in accordance with your aptitude. We congratulate you on your success with excellent results.


Talk freely, write words and jade, and be diligent and diligent. Everything is in order, and everything is in mind.


Teaching is a way to educate people and win great respect. Society loves teachers. Zhejiang attaches great importance to teaching. Teachers and students are extremely happy!


Only through the storms, can we know your value; only after success, can we know your greatness; Thank you, my respected teacher!


Spring breeze in Zhejiang, blowing green peaches and plums, should be regarded as a teacher's model; Zhejiang re-education, cultivate exceptional talents, thank teachers for eternal morality!


Children's little progress can not be separated from your education, your child's care, patience, let me not know how to appreciate.


Thinking of you often gives guidance and communication, making interaction between parents and children more enjoyable, and the driving force of learning is also more interesting.


Even though years will shape our face, I will always be your child, beloved teacher!


You work in the present, but build the future of the motherland; you teach in the classroom, but your achievements are in all directions of the motherland.


Teachers piously scattered seeds in the classroom, and after several years of cultivation, fruitful fruits were produced in society.


Teacher, your concern is full of my student days, and the days with you are like spring breeze, like spring rain!


To our beloved teacher, we searched for those beautiful memories. Silently bless you forever, healthy and happy forever!


Heart moves with teachers, teachers connect with students, teachers and students share a happy era, teachers'festivals, we wish together.


The apricot altar is brilliant, the gardener is very glorious, hard work, harvest thousands of beautiful, peach and plum are extremely grateful!


Your voice, your face and your smiles flashed in front of me from time to time; your character and personality are always cherished in the depth of my memory.


You have illuminated my way forward with the torch of life. I want to say to you heartily: Thank you, teacher!


The profession of a teacher is sacred, glorious and glorious. The voice of teachers is pure, noble and selfless.


My soul is purified by you, my sky is supported by you, teacher, I must give you a blue sky. I wish you happiness and health!


Writing carols with the sky full of rosy clouds and weaving poems with flowers all over the place are not enough for our congratulations on teachers'festivals.


Vacuum, firmness, humility and simplicity - this is the song you taught me to sing, and this is the way you guided me in life.


On our way from childishness to maturity, from ignorance to civilization, you use the torch of life to open the way for us.